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[S][W][R]Lord of Ultima; U6P Beta 2 Release

30th January 2010 by Dino

Aiera and La Legende d' Ultima have been quick to post news about the newly-discovered Lord of Ultima, the latest Ultima title from EA. Developed by EA Phenomic, this game is a complete change in genre, as it is a browser-based online strategy game. One can participate in the closed beta, but the servers are usually always full, and like Withstand the Fury Dragon and Sergorn Dragon, I haven't yet managed to get a chance at playing it. Meanwhile I have set up an info page about Lord of Ultima, and will be adding info to it as it surfaces (as I did back in the day with Ultima X).

Another important announcement, already covered by Aiera, La Legende d' Ultima, Project Britannia, and obviously the Ultima 6 Project website, is the release of U6P's Beta 2, or Milestone 9. One can read the press release:

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