Dino's Ultima Page

The First Move

On 28th January 2003, Dino's Ultima Page moved host for the first time, after exactly six months with Geocities.


In late 2002, I made a new design for a site on which I would eventually put tutorials. This worked much nicely than the scrolls design that I had for my Ultima Page. As I continued to try to improve this new design, I managed to make it use logical HTML, and this benefited the design.

Around that same time, I stumbled upon XHTML, which I learnt from W3Schools. Therefore, I stuck to the new generation of HTML and still use it.

In the beginning of 2003, I started an Ultima 8 Guide. This was for three reasons. First, I have been wanting to make one of these Ultima game guides since I started Dino's Ultima Page, but never got around to doing one. Now, I have managed to make the first one, and may as well continue with others.

Secondly, my Ultima Information section was not being updated very regularly. I did not have much time, and I am still in that situation. I needed more information to give my visitors, not leaving them on the old info. Concentrating on one Ultima allowed me to actually use my time to make the first Guide. A third reason for this Guide was to benefit Ultima VIII - Exile, the primary remake I work on, with new information.

When I came about making this new Guide, I used the new design, manipulating it into a dark theme to adapt to Pagan's setting. I have also added some things since then, and the design is better than I had originally planned. With this new and successful design, I thought it would be nice to have the entire site use the same design.

The Reasons

While writing the Guide, I learned a little PHP, which would allow me to control the site much more easily, and I set about looking for a host that would allow PHP. During the building of the Ultima 8 Guide, I got an account with Lycos, which provided 50MB as well as PHP, MySQL and a good few goodies. It is rare to find a free host that gives you so much, and the only disadvantage are the adverts.

However, I also had two alternatives that are ad-free. A community called Free2Host give ad-free webspace of 20MB, along with the same server-side languages. However, at the same time, Edbgon, who works with me on Exile, offered me exactly the same things that Free2Host offers. I accepted Edbgon's offer, and now I can finally provide my visitors with ad-free content, after patiently bearing 6 months of Geocities advertisements.

The New Features

Aside from the Ultima 8 Guide, I managed to add some new features to Dino's Ultima Page, some thanks to the PHP support:

I also had to change the title; I'm sorry for those of you who might miss the old title, but that one was based on a black background, and my logo-making program is limited when it comes to backgrounds.

On the whole, I hope you enjoy the new site and its new features. It will be easier now to update, as well. Take your time to explore the new content, and if you want to leave a comment, just visit the guestbook page.

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