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The Savage Empire is the first installment in the Worlds of Ultima series, a prequel to Martian Dreams. It uses the same engine as Ultima 6, but with new graphics and increased interactivity. For the first time in Ultima, you can be resourceful and create things from what nature provides. You will also enjoy in-game cutscenes that play part-way through the game, not just in the intro and endgame.

The game can be downloaded for free from GOG.com.

There are at least two versions of The Savage Empire in circulation. The 1.6 version is what is currently being distributed by GOG.com. A 2.1 version was available as part of an EA Compilation CD containing other EA games including Seven Cities of Gold, Ultima Underworld, and more. You can check the game's version from the Credits, accessible from the main menu. It is currently not clear what differences exist between the two versions.

The plot

A whole lab containing the Avatar and a couple of modern-day friends is swallowed by a black moongate when an experiment on the moonstone he got from Britannia goes horribly wrong. The group ends up in a primitive jungle, and befriends Aiela, princess of the Kurak tribe.

Darden the Huge, Aiela's hated suitor and prince of the Urali tribe, defeats the Avatar, scatters his friends and captures Aiela. The Avatar is nursed and aided by Intanya, shaman of the Kurak tribe.

It is up to the Avatar to find his friends, rescue Aiela and, ultimately, unite the warring tribes against a common foe - the vicious Myrmidex intent on destroying the surface dwellers as they destroyed their former masters, the Kotl.

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