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[W]Lord of Ultima and Pagan The Beautiful

3rd March 2010 by Dino

First, a few words about my experience playing Lord of Ultima:

As of last weekend I've finally been able to try out the beta of Lord of Ultima. I haven't played it all that much, but so far gameplay has all been a tutorial under the guidance of an automated Lady Lyanna, who tells me to build one building after another in order to unlock new features. This is not to say that a tutorial is not in order... but it's not something I want to spend hours doing. With each step of the tutorial you're given a bundle of wood or some other resource, so you end up pretty much accumulating loads of resources, making them seem worthless.

The main resources in the game are wood, iron and stone. You produce these by building the respective mining facility for the particular resource. Location of buildings as well as how many of them you have are important factors that relate to how much you produce.

Since I'm still stuck in the tutorial stage I can't really tell much about the experience of waging war or forging alliances, which I guess is pretty much the whole point. So far I can conclude a couple of things though. First, as we all expected, there is absolutely nothing Ultima-related, except use of the name. Second, having played a multitude of strategy games, I see this as just another drop in the ocean, with nothing really new to offer to any experienced gamer.

In other news, Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera posted about the need to find Dungeon Siege updates that are readily available on the web.

Also, a fellow called Julio Siqueira wrote about a new Ultima 8 website he's made called Pagan - The Beautiful. I particularly like this site because it provides several maps of Ultima 8 constructed from actual in-game graphics (i.e. using Print-Screens). There are also amalgamations of maps into bigger map sets (e.g. all Tenebrae). It is refreshing to see that even 16 years after Ultima 8 came out, the Ultima community still produces original content about it.

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