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[W][R]Ultima DS remake sites down

10th July 2010 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project has been slashdotted. That means they got press from what is probably the busiest tech news site on the web. While this is great for exposure, it also means that you get gargantuan amounts of bandwidth used in a short period of time, which pretty much kills your site. As a result it appears that the Ultima V: Lazarus, Ultima VI: Project and Project Britannia websites are down. I've heard from one of the members of the U6P team who said they are trying to get it back up and running, and also provided a list of mirrors from where people can download the U6P 1.0 release:

Meanwhile Sergorn Dragon has also announced the release of U6P at La Legende d' Ultima.

Some more news from Aiera:

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