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[W][R]New King and Redemption Merge

18th September 2004 by Dino

The big news promised at the Redemption forum has been announced. The news is that the teams from Ultima - The New King and Ultima IX: Redemption have merged into a new team called Titans of Ether. Therefore both projects will be hosted at the old Ultima - The New King website and the forums for both projects are also at the same location; and Corv will lead the newly-formed team.

Ultima - The New King will be a sequel not to Ascension, but to Redemption. Thus the team will work on finishing Redemption first, although a lot of The New King will be ready once Redemption finishes, since many things such as lancscape, scripts, etc. are shared by both games.

This fusion, as was its purpose, brought back motivation to the Redemption team even when it was on the brink of failing. Many inactive team members have become active again, and Xodus who left a few days ago has returned.

On another note, there's news from Aiera - the site has been redesigned a little, and reports bad news from Lost Sosaria, which lost some of its maps due to a motherboard error.

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