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[W][R]Redemption falls

21st December 2016 by Dino

A few days ago, the Titans of Ether announced the cancellation of their Ultima 9: Redemption remake, citing limitations in the Morrowind modding engine (after 12 years of development, by the way). The announcement has been taken down, but I have uploaded a cached copy of it. It is preserved along with many outraged comments. Among the familiar names is that of Avatus, who was once the leader of the original Redemption project before he cancelled it. On 18th September 2004, Corv, who was running a project called "Ultima - The New King", had formed the Titans of Ether and picked up Redemption.

The Titans of Ether claim to have made significant progress over the past 8 months with their new game, "Corven - Path of Redemption", as a result of the switch to Unreal Engine 4, and released a trailer. This game will not carry any Ultima intellectual property, but Corv still hopes to create the perfect Ultima-like game with his team of three (!) by December 2018.

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