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[W][R]Update on U6 Forum

24th March 2005 by Dino

I'm afraid I overlooked an update on Aiera last time. Well, the thing is that there is a new Ultima 8 Viewer around, a program allowing you to see the graphics from the game data files. This is the fourth of its kind... the Pentagram Map and Shapes Viewer by the Pentagram team, the U8GFX program by Mad Hatter and the shapes viewer incorporated in the current Pentagram have preceded this new program.

Meanwhile alpha testers are being accepted at Ultima IV Multiplayer if they can answer a few questions about Ultima IV. There first were just 5 questions, but they are so difficult that they eventually became 8 and then 10, with 5 correct answers required. The contest is still on.

Some people have been wondering what happened to the Ultima 6 Project forum. Frilly Wumpus answered that question in a topic at my forum; it seems the Ultima 6 Project set up a new forum at Siege The Day.

I'm glad to inform Mac users that Nuvie binaries for Mac OS X v. 10.3.x (it is untested on earlier versions but may work) are being made available for download from the Nuvie downloads page. Before, only Windows binaries were available.

And finally, if you like staying current with projects on Aiera, you will be pleased to know that new projects have been added to the site, some have been removed and downloads have been updated.

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