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Ultima 5: Lazarus

About the remake

Ultima V: Lazarus, using the Dungeon Siege engine and led by Ian "Tiberius Moongazer" Frazier, took 5 and a half years to complete, before it was released on 22nd December 2005. Before that, two tech demos were released in quick succession in 2004, which gave the public a taste of what was to come. After long years of hard work, Lazarus has been completed!


Talking points

  1. Talking Point #1: Eb the Busboy by J.theYellow - shows Lazarus from a dialogue perspective, featuring Eb, the busboy at the Wayfarer Inn in Britain (includes the original dialogue, some new dialogue, and portrait).
  2. Talking Point #2: Four New Faces by J.theYellow - four characters that weren't in the original game and will be new faces in Lazarus (with portraits and extracts from dev docs).
  3. Talking Point #3: Wrong Place, Right Time by Claymore - a journey into Dungeon Wrong (with screenshots of the original dungeon and that in Lazarus).
  4. Talking Point #4: Questing On by Sutek - about questing (with Lazarus screenshots).
  5. Talking Point #5: Region Profiles by J.theYellow - about "literary guides for all habited regions of Lazarus" (includes the region profile for Castle British and a screenshot).
  6. Talking Point #6: NPCs and the Backstory by Fengul - shows how the dialogue with Nicole of Jhelom reflects the problems in the world (includes dialogue screenshots).
  7. Talking Point #7: An American Newbie in Britannia by Dirt - about Ultima seen through new eyes (includes excerpts from design documents).
  8. Talking Point #8: Visiting a Sick Friend by J.theYellow - documents some time spent in Trinsic, particularly to show off NPC scheduling (includes screenshots).
  9. Talking Point #9: Campfire Tales by J.theYellow - documents a night of sleep in the wilderness, accompanied by an apparition of Lord British in a dream (includes screenshots).
  10. Talking Point #10: Tools of the Trade by Trynian - shows off the NPC Generator (with tool screenshots)
  11. Talking Point #11: Itemized by Dirt - showing off artistic skills when creating items (including screenshots, code snippet and quest description)
  12. Talking Point #12: Teleportation by Frilly Wimpus - about how teleportation works (with screenshots)
  13. Talking Point #13: Rules of the Game by Tiberius - about different character classes and character generation as well as player statistics (with screenshots and virtue icons)
  14. Talking Point #14: Pipe Me a Tune by Salanthalas - about the making of Lazarus music (with a tool screenshot)
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