Dino's Guide to
Ultima VIII - Pagan
Serpent Artifacts for Sale

One fine day (as fine as a sunless day can be), a fisherman named Devon was fishing near the docks of Tenebrae when a man fell from the sky into the water near him. Weighed down by the armour, this man was drowning, and begged for help. Devon ignored the poor fellow's cries, and cast his nets to be able to earn some money from the catch, rather than be stuck with this fellow with a strange costume.

However, after a couple of minutes, his nets caught something very heavy. When he hauled the nets, he found the man in them. Sighing with helplessness, Devon put him on his boat and rowed to the shore, lighting a fire and putting the soaked, unconscious man beside it. Looking at him, Devon noticed a strange armour made of scales, as well as a golden crown. Eew, he had earrings as well. Noticing the staff still clutched tightly in his right arm, Devon grasped it, hoping to be able to sell it for a couple of obsidian coins to some old man needing a staff to rest on.

The snake-like figures on the staff came to life as soon as Devon touched it, and he threw it into the sea with the fright it gave him. The Great Earth Serpent spoke to him, saying, "Devon! You have just thrown away an important artifact! If an imbalance ever happens again, nobody will be able to restore balance without that staff!" Devon was indifferent, and told him to mind his own business.

The man was still unconscious, yet still alive. Devon promptly removed his serpent artifacts and hid them away. On the first occasion, he met with Lady Mordea in secret and sold her the crown for two hundred obsidian coins. When the man he had saved was about to wake up, Devon grabbed him by the neck, dragged him to the edge of the shore and forced his head underwater, leaving it there for a couple of minutes. After that, he took him back near the fire, hoping he had died.

It was nearly time for his date with Aramina, so he met with her in West Tenebrae and gave her the necklace, earrings and ring he had found on the man's body. She was disgusted by their scaly features, and slapped Devon. Ever since, he has lied to any strangers, pretending that he never actually got to know Aramina personally.

Cursing his misfortune, he went back near the body of the stranger that had caused him this trouble. He went to Korick's shop next, and sold the serpent armour for a few obsidian coins. For a final time, he went back near the body, preparing to throw it into the water once and for all to get rid of it. But he was amazed when it came back to life and got on its feet. Devon acted as a friendly fellow, but the time that the stranger spent underwater was enough to make him forget about his former belongings.