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[S][W][R]Ultima Fandom Article on Wired; U8 Walkthrough Intro

7th August 2020 by Dino

Kenneth Kully, our Withstand the Fury Dragon who runs The Ultima Codex, has been featured on an article at Wired about how Ultima Fandom Is Still Going Strong. Based on a recent podcast, it talks about the longevity of our fan community, and other related topics of interest.

After finding a way to automate image resizing, I've started to go through the Ultima 8 Guide's walkthrough and improve a few things. I'll gradually be replaying the sections covered in the walkthrough, enlarging the images and adding more. I've started this journey by revamping the Ultima 8 walkthrough's introduction page. My hope is that I will eventually get to continue and even finish writing the walkthrough.

I've added a link to music from Ultima 4: The Dawn of Virtue to the relevant WebDB2 entry, since this old remake is currently being discussed at the Ultima Dragons Facebook Page.

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