First Anniversary

A year has passed since Gigi Labs was launched as a successor to Programmer’s Ranch, my previous blog based on the Blogger platform which featured exclusively technical articles.

Gigi Labs is instead based on the more mature WordPress platform, and this has made it a whole lot easier to write technical articles and include code samples. In fact, a total of 85 articles have been published at Gigi Labs to date (compared to 91 in the 18 months of operation of Programmer’s Ranch).

The vast majority of articles here have been on Software Development. Some topics of note include C# 6 and Visual Studio 2015 (articles written while these were still in development and little information was available), Redis (articles featured in leading Redis newsletters), SignalR and RabbitMQ. Many other articles deal with a range of interesting and obscure topics.

Recently, I began migrating some of the more popular articles from Programmer’s Ranch to Gigi Labs. This is expected to continue, especially for the SDL2 articles which were among the first of their kind and were quite a hit around the time SDL2 became available.

Aside from technical articles, Gigi Labs has also seen posts published on a range of topics varying from guitar tabs to observations about life. The fact that WordPress allows neat categorization of articles is another of its strong points.

Finally, while many articles have been published at Gigi Labs, a number of static pages have also emerged since its launch: Projects, Websites, Writings and Public Talks show what I’ve been up to.  There are a few other pages with miscellaneous information that doesn’t really fit anywhere else.

I just wanted to thank all the people who have been following Gigi Labs over the past year, and hope they will continue doing that for years to come. You can get updates easily by subscribing via email, following me on Twitter, or liking the Gigi Labs Facebook page.

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