How To Be An Asshole, By Example

Denis Leary came up with some really creative ways to be an asshole back in 1993. However, nowadays we have more modern ways to piss people off, as I discovered from some recent encounters. I bet Denis wasn’t expecting any of these when he wrote that song.

LA Metro

It’s not enough for the Los Angeles Metro system to be completely unreliable in terms of punctuality or operation. They even have to confuse people by having trains appear on the wrong track. In the photo above, the train to Union Station should be on the track to the left, but it just arrived on the track on the right, which is supposed to be destined for North Hollywood.

“Microsoft Edge is faster than Chrome”

Long after Microsoft was forced to give Windows users a decent choice of browsers (because shipping Internet Explorer with Windows is the only thing that gave such a hopeless browser a leading position in the market for so many years), it is still pulling dirty tricks to try and promote adoption of its web browsers. In this screenshot sent in by a friend, we can see how Windows 10 pathetically tries to win Chrome users over to Microsoft’s more recent Edge browser, saying that “Microsoft Edge is faster than Chrome”.

Similar popups include “Microsoft Edge is safer than Firefox” and “Chrome is draining your battery faster”.

I’ve seen these kinds of filthy tactics carried out by politicians for years, but never thought they would be used between web browsers.

Universal Studios Hollywood WiFi

At the time of writing this article, it costs at least $105 to get into the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. So it is really shameless to put a condition like “Your information will be shared with Comcast XFINITY and Universal Theme Parks for promotional purposes” in order to use free WiFi. Just give them a fake email address, and you can use WiFi without being spammed.

Feedback Touchscreen in Restroom

In recent years, a lot of our digital interactions have been revolutionised by simple touch gestures. However, having a touchscreen for feedback at the Malta International Airport’s restrooms is probably taking this too far. I mean it’s ok if you assume everybody washes their hands. But can you really assume that?

The way they ask is also very awkward at best:

“How was your experience at this washroom today?”

Uhhh, do you really want the details?

Stone from the Azure Window

Just a day after the collapse of the Azure Window in Gozo (Malta), with many people mourning the loss of a national icon, an opportunist is selling what he claims to be “original stone from the collapsed Azure Window Gozo (Malta)”:

This person gives a bit more detail in the item description:

“Item specifications : Piece of Azure Window rock approx 100g

“Many are asking how can they be sure that the rock is from the mentioned area? Well all I can say is that I am a local and have access to location in less than 10 min drive. I plan to dive in the area and maybe even collect pieces from the sea bed 😉


I guess this one needs no further comment.

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