Welcome to Gigi Labs

Hello everyone, and welcome to Gigi Labs!

This is not my first website, nor my first blog. I’ve actually been writing on the web for the past 12 years, starting with Dino’s Ultima Page and subsequently launching various different sites, some of which still exist today (such as Gigi’s Computer Corner). My most recent website was Programmer’s Ranch, a highly successful blog in which I would explain various programming topics in a concise and practical manner.

Programmer’s Ranch was based on the Blogger platform, which turned out to be a pretty poor choice for various reasons. It was very time-consuming to write decent-quality programming articles on a CMS that had no support whatsoever for syntax highlighting, among various other deficiencies. Less than 18 months after Programmer’s Ranch was launched on 2nd May 2013, I now find myself needing to create a new blog – Gigi Labs.

With Gigi Labs, I am taking things to a whole new level. Aside from continuing the legacy of Programmer’s Ranch with programming articles, I will also be writing about various other topics including PC games, music, workplace, etc.

This is a bit of a departure from my previous websites, which were each dedicated to a different aspect of my life and were completely hand-coded from the ground up (other than the blogs, naturally). For Gigi Labs I am using the power of the WordPress CMS to write about various topics and have them categorised neatly. Gigi Labs is where all those websites I created over the past 12 years converge.

Thanks for following Gigi Labs!

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